DP Agro is a companies that actively involved in dates palm plantation industry.We operate and market for the largest date palm plantation in Malaysia (Ajwa Date Plantation Berhad). Where others may sell a few varieties of dates , we here at Date Palm Agro Bhd singularly dedicated in delivering our expertise in Safawi Dates. Here at DP Agro , we dont just sell date palm trees; we live in the fields with them. We strive to understand everything about Safawi Dates, taking the time to ensure to greater degree. We are pleased to shares our knowledge and expertise with our customers to bring a complete understanding about DPA Agro.

DP Agro Farm
Date Palm Agro Bhd is the market leader and the first company in Malaysia that runs the largest date palm plantation. The farmer that has been appointed has over 30 years of experience and able to produce the highest quality disease-free,true to type Date Palm plants and Safawi Dates available in the market today.

Our wealth of technical and commercial experience in the industry has made us as one of the leader in dates palm industry in Malaysia.

Form 9 and Form 20 (Date Palm Agro Bhd)

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